We are Deans Live Music, a live band group formed by Professional Musicians, Singers (both Local and Filipino), Backup Vocalists, Audio Engineers and Event Music Planner. With this luxurious strong team, we can guarantee the best music delivery to all of our clients.

We play Jazz (Bossa Nova, Swing, etc.), Blues, Pop, Dance/Party, R&B, Samba and Classical music. We are strong in providing jazzy romantic music, sweet memorable music to joyous dancing music throughout an event / a banquet, which perfectly fit the ambience of an event / a banquet at different sessions.

Our Professional Event Music Planner is fully responsible for tailor-making a unique Banquet Music Rundown that suits each client€s specific needs and favorites. Moreover, the music styles we perform would also be according to client€s wishes. As an example, we would be glad to change client€s favorites Canton or Mandarin Pops into his / her favored jazzy styles.

After all, it is our pleasure to work as a live band in joyous events as bringing happiness and giving our best wishes to people through music as well bring us happiness.